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Women's Initiative

Women's Initiative

Be Heard – Cast Your Vote

Hey Alberta, did you know that some women in Alberta only received the right to vote in 1916? However, Asian and Indigenous women did not receive the right to vote until 1960. Please do not take your right to vote for granted. Do your research and have your voice heard this week in the provincial election.  Don’t let others decide for you. #ChooseYourAlberta

Advance voting stations have officially opened, and will be open until Saturday April 13th. Find a location that is convenient to where you live, work, shop or travel. Alberta’s provincial general election will be held on April 16, 2019 from 9am to 8pm. Visit Elections Alberta to find the location of your voting station.

Information on where to vote is also available:

  • In your local newspaper.
  • Closer to Election Day on your personalized “Where to Vote” card (mailed to your address).
  • By phone at 1.877.422.8683 (toll free).

Are you away from Alberta, or unable to attend an advance or Election Day poll? Request a special ballot at the Elections Alberta website or 1.877.422.8683

For more information on your local candidates and voting locations visit the links below.


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