Get Involved In Alberta's Election
Women's Initiative

Women's Initiative

How To Get Involved In The Election

With the Provincial election in less than two weeks, it might feel too late to get involved! It isn’t. Here are some ways you can be a part of the process.

    1. VOTE! Visit Elections Alberta to find out where and how.
    2. Bring your kid(s) (or nieces or nephews, or grandkids) with you! WAVE loves to speak with students and the students tell us that they enjoy the experience of going to the polling station with their parents or another adult in their lives. You are raising the next generation of engaged citizens.
    3. Talk to a friend who might not be engaged about critical issues that matter to women and to our City or Province. Tell them how crucial their vote is and how one vote can make a difference.
    4. Volunteer for a candidate! You can see who is running in your riding here. Candidates’ contact info is usually posted there as well. Find a candidate or party that you’d like to support and call or email them. They will train you in the role you take on. You can door knock, do literature drops (a great role if you have a dog to walk!), make phone calls, or even make food for the team to eat. You will be welcomed to the role and the campaign team.
    5. Work for Elections Alberta! They are still hiring and it’s great work experience and a chance to learn and develop new skills. Check out the opportunities here.

We hope that you feel empowered to get involved. Do you have other steps you take to be engaged? Please let us know!

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