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Recruiting new WAVE Members!

WAVE formally began in 2014 with an original cohort of 15 diverse and committed women. WAVE is now recruiting for 2020- 2021 and there are six vacancies.  We decided to share what this role is like to both memorialize and appreciate the work of the members moving on and to recruit the next group of changemakers. 

This blog will share the words of WAVE members and includes information from City Administration on how to apply for WAVE and what we are looking for. 

WAVE recruitment opens January 6 and closes February 2. 

If you have applied before and weren’t selected, please apply again! Our recruitment is often based on representation at the time and balancing who is at the table and who isn’t. We, unfortunately, have to turn down many great applicants because we can only have 15 members.  All women-identified people are welcome to apply.

Role of WAVE members and what we are looking for:

    • We are looking for women who can commit to about 8 hours a month. We meet on the third Tuesday of every month in City Hall and the working groups meet other days of the week. Everyone is required to also serve on one working group (some members do multiples).
    • There are currently 4 working groups.
      1. Engagement and Communication: connects with Edmontonians, and works with other organizations with similar mandates.
      2. Leadership and Research: supports women to get involved with civic leadership, and researches leading practices and trends regarding women in leadership.
      3. Policy: reviews City of Edmonton policies and programs, and applies a Gender-Based Analysis Plus lens (GBA+).
      4. Reconciliation and Allyship: focuses internally on how WAVE can work towards reconciliation and allyship with Indigenous communities.
  • As a WAVE member you will be asked to connect with your community and network for feedback and consultation. We are looking for people who are engaged with a broader community. That can be a field of work that brings a unique perspective (e.g. the trades, STEM, Education, etc.), who work with a specific demographic, or a community (e.g. a cultural group, the LGBTQIA2S+ community, or the disability community). 

WAVE Members 2019


Here are some thoughts about WAVE from current and outgoing members:

“As one of the founding members of WAVE it truly was a privilege to witness what started as a concept to come to fruition. The brainchild of visionary leadership and passionate women, WAVE has now become a strong voice in the community as an advocate for gender-based equality and an influencer of City’s policies.  Along this eight year journey, I met wonderful women from different backgrounds and generations, who I have learned so much from. I truly am grateful for all the learnings, connections, friendships and many memories I am taking with me. I proudly and fondly remember the day we named WAVE, how we created our first strategic plan, Christina Stasia’s first gender training, truly eye-opener presentations from many non-profits, women’s groups, plus many other memorable events. Through this journey, City folks who worked in WAVE with us, Councillors, our Mayor have all been exceptional and huge part of WAVE’s success. 

“To this day, I have carried with me our Bylaw to every WAVE meeting to validate what we do and what we decide against our three mandates. I can confidently say we genuinely stayed true to our purpose and mission and that feels great.  Being a WAVE member has been a very enriching and uplifting experience for me overall. WAVE will continue to bring together talented and caring individuals to do amazing work and will continue empowering Edmonton’s women in the years to come and I am very glad I was able to contribute to a few chapters of a tremendous story.

Founding and outgoing member, Dilara Yegani


“As the Vice-Chair for WAVE, I am privileged to be able to support and give voice to women’s issues in Edmonton. The people that I work with – whether those serving on the board with me or those I encounter through engagements, events, or initiatives – are incredibly inspiring and diverse. Every day in this role is a learning opportunity, whether as Vice Chair in a WAVE meeting, an MC at an event, or just as a WAVE representative at a City Council meeting. 

“I am indebted to the opportunities and support WAVE as awarded me. This role has challenged me to grow in more ways than one, and I am humbled by the experiences and stories I hear daily – they push me to work harder to make the world just a little more kinder and easier for all people to live in. In particular, I am proud of the work WAVE has accomplished around Edmonton’s transportation systems (transit, vehicle for hire, etc.). Witnessing my fellow board members rally around policy in order to enact positive change for all Edmontonians has been emotional and inspiring. As our Board Chair, Dr. Sandra Woitas, often says, ‘There’s nothing that can’t be done by capable women.'”

WAVE Vice Chair Hersharon Sandhu 


“In my first year of being a WAVE Committee Member, I’ve provided insight on City policies, the federal election, opportunities for women empowerment, and innovative ideas for new initiatives. I’ve also met women in leadership doing great things and paving the way toward building a better City. I enjoy being a part of this Committee, working with great women, and providing an intersectional lens so that no one is left behind on our journey toward a greater Edmonton.

“In this role, I feel more connected to our City than ever before and I personally think that’s a great feeling!”

Abby Adeton


“As a new member of WAVE and recently appointed chair of the Leadership Committee, it has been eye opening to not only see the impacts of the work that WAVE has done, particularly in policy, but also how City Council looks to WAVE for an opinion on particular policy. The diverse group of women that make up this collective voice have opened my eyes to new points of view and greater understanding which has made this experience so invaluable. I look forward to 2020 and the work we will be a part of particularly on the cusp of a municipal election. It is a real point of pride to be part of the movement, the literal wave, as we work toward parity in representation and leadership within the City of Edmonton.”

Julianna Therfall


“I am very passionate about safe, affordable, accessible public transit. When I hear fellow women are encountering barriers or hurdles to their safety and well-being in Edmonton, it is easy to get discouraged. Being involved with WAVE makes me feel like I have some power in my city. I know I can do things to improve life for women in Edmonton. That’s my favourite part about WAVE: having a voice in shaping our city.”

Angelika Matson 


How to apply for WAVE:

If you are interested in serving on WAVE, please apply here and submit before February 2, 2020.

If you have questions or any challenges completing the online form please feel free to connect with the Women’s Initiative staff;  Marian Bruin – 780-495-0272 or or Kaylin Betteridge 780-496-4875 or  

If WAVE isn’t the type of opportunity you are looking for, or the dates we meet don’t work with your schedule, the City of Edmonton is recruiting for many positions on the Agencies, Boards, and Committees (ABCs). They are all fantastic opportunities to make an impact at the City of Edmonton, serve in a leadership position, and create change.


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  1. Hello team, I am interested. How do I know if I qualify? I am a case manager with a non profit in Edmonton for people with disability. Thanks

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