Women's Initiative

Women's Initiative

The ABCs of Volunteering on Agencies, Boards and Committees

Thanks to WAVE Committee member Carrie Vos for writing and researching this blog!

Edmonton’s WAVE Committee 2017

The City of Edmonton Needs You!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about civic life? Or want to contribute to decisions made at a municipal level? Do you have knowledge or experience in an area that could benefit your fellow Edmontonians? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the City of Edmonton may have a board with a volunteer position for you.

What Do Agencies, Boards, and Committees Do?

City of Edmonton boards give citizens the opportunity to provide advice and expertise in areas of civic interest. Each board serves a specific function to provide input back to the City. They are a great way to learn more about how the City makes decisions and allows citizens to contribute to the future of Edmonton. To ensure that the many voices of Edmontonians are heard, we think it is important to have diverse representation on committees. In particular, having women on committees is important to provide a gender lens and ensure that women’s voices are heard on important issues that shape our city, so we strongly recommend women apply for these positions.

What Kinds of Opportunities are at the City of Edmonton?

There are approximately 20 City of Edmonton agencies, boards or committees that recruit citizens, and their functions vary greatly. There are typical civic topics such as transit and housing, but there is also a Combative Sports Commission and a Youth Council – and of course, there’s our Women’s Advocacy Voice of Edmonton committee as well.


Read the list of boards to see if there is one that matches your interests. Each board has its own web page with information about the board. This includes its mandate, a list of current members and when they meet.

How Do You Apply?

Every year, volunteer committees recruit new members. The boards currently recruiting new citizen members will be listed on the Current Recruitment Campaigns web page. If one appeals to you and you meet the qualifications, look at the Recruitment Overview for the application process.

It is through dedicated volunteers that our city builds a strong foundation for the future of all Edmontonians!

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