Women's Initiative

Women's Initiative

The Poet Princess, Changing our City with Words

Mary Pinkoski - City of Edmonton’s 5th poet Laureate at 2015 Women's Symposium
Mary Pinkoski – City of Edmonton’s 5th poet Laureate

We were so thrilled to welcome two of Edmonton’s most talented spoken word artists to inspire us at our Women’s Symposium last month. Mary Pinkoski (City of Edmonton’s 5th poet Laureate) and Charlotte Cranston (Edmonton’s Youth Poet Laureate) shared several of their poems with us as we closed out the symposium.

We were particularly moved by these words from Youth Poet Laureate, Charlotte Cranston.

My Past Lives
Charlotte Cranston

My past lives walk among us.
They do not float, fading fantasmics
They plant themselves in unapologetic soil, in temperatures fluctuating,
in waters undulating.
My past lives are the Wise Women
and they walk among us.

Wise women who gaze into the eyes of tenacious beasts
as all of history passes between them–
even the parts we forgot

My past lives are the Wise Women
whose stories beat morse code secrets under my skin,
They beat with me and bleed with me
and, in the cyclical nature of time
we have come to understand from our mothers,
they know that I am no younger.
That Timelessness was constructed not too long ago
out of brittle twig facades.

My past lives are not the ghostly enigmas of new-age bookstore sale racks
Or blurry rearview photographs.
My past lives take up space as they move through the world,
and in return,
the world moves through them.


Those listening were also moved and inspired.

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